Utility-scale solar power plants are becoming a contributing part of our country and the world’s energy portfolio. There are several different technologies used in large solar farms, but all involve some sort of mounting system for the collection components.

SWVA, Inc. (doing business as Steel of West Virginia, Inc.) provides the beams that are used in mounting systems of solar farms. The exact size of the beam is determined by project specific factors, such as local weather, soil, wind, and topography. Typically these are 6" or 8" WF beams. Beams can be cut to length, fabricated, and galvanized so they are ready for installation.

Fabraication and galvanizing services are offered through Steel Ventures located in Wurtland, KY.

Sales Representatives:

Tim Sizemore
Phone Number: 304-638-7981
E-Mail: tsizemore@swvainc.com

Josh Adkins
Phone Number: 304-696-8204
E-Mail: jdadkins@swvainc.com