The Steel of West Virginia family of companies aims to provide our customers with industry leading products by maintaining focus of our ethics and standards. In fact, we have embraced Steel Dynamics, Inc.'s Six Pillars of Success to demonstrate our commitments.


Creating and maintaining a safe work environment is at the core of our values, our number-one priority. We want every individual to go home safely at the end of each day and to take an active role in remaining safe both on the job and at home. Our goal is zero incidents—no accidents, no lost workdays, no injuries. We will not be satisfied until our goal is achieved by taking team-based and personal responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe working environment at every location. Every individual must take an active role in safety.


Our entrepreneurial culture fosters a team of energetic, positive, driven and innovative individuals by utilizing open communication and performance-based compensation aligned to our long-term strategy. This results in safe, low-cost and highly efficient operations, which drive best-in-class operating and financial performance.

Enhance Customer Relationships and Commitment

We focus on being a preferred partner with our customers through providing outstanding products and solutions that exceed expectations, as we anticipate their future needs and deliver greater value.

Strategic Growth, Intentional Margin Expansion and Consistency Through the Cycle

We are one of the largest steel producers and metals recycling companies in the United States, with one of the most diversified, high-margin product portfolios. Our track record of intentional, value-driven growth has propelled this diversification in both end markets and product offerings to sustain continued higher volume and profitability throughout both strong and weak market environments. We are squarely focused on continued strategic and responsible growth.

Drive Innovation

Through employee creativity and ingenuity, we drive innovation to improve safety, quality, productivity and resource sustainability. We do so by implementing innovative technologies and processes in order to perform at the highest level, and to consistently achieve excellence in all that we do.

Financial Strength and Flexibility

We have one of the most diversified product offerings in the industry. Coupled with the high variability of our operating costs and our vertically connected business platforms, this results in higher utilization and lower costs, providing strong cash flow generation through both strong and weak market cycles.