SWVA, Inc. (doing business as Steel of West Virginia, Inc.) custom manufactures special sections—hot-rolled steel bars or bar shapes of nonstandard configurations, chemistry and tolerances—to fit specific production applications. Specially designed steel sections offer considerable freedom in design specifications. By precisely determining the exact requirements of your application, a unique roll design can be developed. The best application for special sections is when there is a continuous volume requirement for repetitive operations. However, SWVA, Inc. produces small volume lots as well.

One of the most compelling reasons for using special sections is to reduce costs. In practical applications, hot-rolled special steel sections are used to replace more expensive fabricated sections, castings, forgings and extrusions. When problems are encountered in manufacturing parts from standard sections, a single custom-designed special steel section can often perform the same function at a lower cost and with superior strength. Close tolerances and unique forms can minimize or eliminate subsequent machining.

An equally important reason for using custom designed special steel sections is to improve product design. Metal is placed only where it is required for strength and function. The grade of steel is then tailor made to suit a specific application. Qualities such as high strength, low-temperature impact resistance, corrosion resistance, weldability or a combination of several properties can be created by careful selection of the steel chemistry. The result is a clean, close-tolerance design to meet individual product requirements.

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