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Truck Trailer Crossmembers
STEEL OF WEST VIRGINIA produces light weight I-beams used as crossmembers in truck bodies and van trailers. These are the structural, load carrying components supporting the floor of the truck body or trailer. This material must be high strength, but light weight, in order to maximize the weight and volume of the cargo being hauled. Our crossmembers are in dry freight vans, flat bed trailers, truck bodies and cargo containers.

Crossmembers are available in various widths and section weights. The most common sizes are listed here. For repetitive items, these crossmembers can be customized to individual model specifications in terms of welded or integral end clips, hole patterns and coatings. The specially designed, high strength, low alloy grade steel used for most crossmember applications has an 80,000 psi yield point per ASTM Standards. Other yield-point grades may be requested.

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Common Crossmember

  2.25" @ 4.35#/ft
  3" @ 2.54#/ft
  3" @ 2.69#/ft
  3" @ 2.79#/ft
  3" @ 2.90#/ft
  3" @ 3.05#/ft
  3" @ 3.75#/ft
  3" @ 4.49#/ft
  3.5" @ 3.24#/ft
  4" @ 3.25#/ft
  4" @ 3.46#/ft
  4" @ 3.49#/ft
  4" @ 3.65#/ft
  4" @ 4.08#/ft
  5" @ 4.11#/ft

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