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Design Concept

Reduce Costs/Improve Design
STEEL OF WEST VIRGINIA custom manufactures special sections -- hot-rolled steel bars or bar shapes of nonstandard configurations, chemistry and tolerances -- to fit specific production applications.

One of the most compelling reasons for using special sections is to reduce costs. In practical applications, hot-rolled special sections are used to replace more expensive fabricated sections, castings, forgings and extrusions. When problems are encountered in manufacturing parts from standard sections, a single custom-designed special steel section can often perform the same function at a lower cost and with superior strength. Close tolerances and unique forms can minimize or eliminate subsequent machining.

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Mill Capability

Volume Requirements
Special sections are only considered when there is a continuous volume requirement for production lines or repetitive operations.

Specified Tolerances
Specially designed steel sections offer you considerable freedom in your design specifications. This means you are not limited by normal hot-rolled mill tolerances. Bars can be produced to close straightness and twist tolerances with lengths, or multi-lengths, carefully controlled to minimize scrap loss. By precisely determining the exact requirements of your application, we can develop a unique roll design that allows us to balance our rolling costs with your manufacturing costs.

Design Your Own Section
STEEL OF WEST VIRGINIA is committed to helping manufacturers develop more reliable and cost effective designs. Fax us the design requirements for your special-need project, and we will send you an "instant quote" without obligation on your part.

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