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Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicle Beams
STEEL OF WEST VIRGINIA also produces I-beams used on the undercarriage frame of manufactured houses and recreational vehicles. This material must be strong enough to handle the load under rough road conditions, but flexible enough to camber in the manufacturing process.

Manufactured Housing (MH) Beams are available in various widths and section weights. The most common sizes are listed here. For high volume, repetitive items, these MH Beams can be customized to individual specifications. The material is commonly rolled to a 50,000 psi minimum yield strength, but other yield-point grades may also be requested.

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Common MH Beam Sizes

 6" @ 3.7 #/ft
 6" @ 4.4 #/ft
 8" @ 6.5 #/ft
 10" @ 8.0 #/ft
 10" @ 9.0 #/ft
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