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"Steel that Supports the World"

At STEEL OF WEST VIRGINIA, we want to be your supplier of structural beams, channels and special shape steel sections. We customize our production to your specific needs. Whether it be chemistry, dimensions or fabrication, we want you to view us as the "can do" company.

From our beginnings in 1907, through our incorporation as STEEL OF WEST VIRGINIA, INC. in 1982, to the present, we have had a long tradition of product innovation and process improvement. One of our strategic goals is to continue to invest in our company, thus expanding and improving our manufacturing capabilities and production efficiencies. For our customers this means we will be your low-cost, high-quality producer.

Our steel sections are produced from electric furnace steel, continuously cast and hot rolled on highly specialized mills. Our section capability ranges from 2.5 pounds per foot to 70 pounds per foot. In addition to the extensive fabricating capabilities of our main location in Huntington, W.Va., we also have a subsidiary, MARSHALL STEEL, INC., in Memphis, Tenn., that fabricates steel cross members. From our mills, we can ship to your location by truck, rail or barge.

Call us today for more information about how we can meet your steel needs. We look forward to serving you.

17th Street and 2nd Avenue

Huntington, WV 25703

(304) 696-8200 or

(800) 624-3492

FAX (304) 529-1479
1555 Harbor

Memphis, TN 38113

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